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International Peace Day Global Broadcast September 21st 2013


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Lord Michael Bates


Art Beyond Borders Presents Cities of Peace Tour

Art Beyond Borders presents art from countries throughout the world

Coming soon to your city- New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, United Nations!



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Vortex Dome

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Letter of Congratulations from NYC

Proclamation From Hartford


Letter of Congratulations Atlanta

Medicine for Humanity



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The International Peace Archives Digital Register will be available soon. Say your Peace and preserve it for generations to come!

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We are doing our part to help spread peace and love. What are you doing? Send us your photos and show the world how you spread love and peace to the world!

Michael Sibbio and Edward James Olmos Peace day 2011

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The Day After Peace

Find out about David Gibbons Find out more about Transcendent Man

The World Peace Prayer Society

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